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Working for effective climate action in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and worldwide.
Washtenaw Climate Reality

Our vision

A socially just, environmentally sustainable Washtenaw County, including the City of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.

Our mission

To educate and mobilize people everywhere to take urgent, effective climate action.

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Two members of the Washtenaw Climate Reality chapter at an outdoor event

Join our chapter to empower yourself and others to meet the biggest challenge of our time.

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  • The Climate Crisis: Let’s talk and let’s act
    A couple of presentations I’ve been to lately made the following points:72% of U.S. adults support regulating CO2 as a pollutant. Only 35% discuss global warming at least occasionally. And only 8% are “activated” and making an attempt to do something about it. There are some big take-home points there, for me: First, it’s encouraging…
  • Join us for 24 Hours of Reality: #LetsGetReal
    The time is now, and only now.
  • The California oil spill: haunting similarities to Line 5 in Michigan
    The October 2021 California oil spill off the Pacific Ocean shores of Los Angeles provides us with a haunting and realistic picture of what can happen at the Straits of Mackinac if Line 5 were to be struck by a ship anchor or corrode and release crude oil into the environment. The Enbridge Energy Line…

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